RYA Coastal Skipper

charts Skippers with considerable experience may wish to take the Coastal Skipper course to develop longer passage making skills and practice more advanced boat handling techniques under sail and power. Skippering abilities are developed further … what would I do now if … the engine failed, if visibility was reduced, if somebody fell overboard?


Prior Experience

Considerable prior experience is recommended for the Coastal Skipper Practical course including 15 days at sea, 300 miles of sailing and 8 night hours, some of which may have been obtained on a Day Skipper course. You will definitely require some knowledge of navigation theory to the level of ‘Coastal Skipper & Yachtmaster Offshore Shorebased’.


Course Content
• Plan longer, more complex passages that involve watch systems, ports of refuge and weather strategy
• Understand the operation of on board safety equipment and deliver safety briefs to crew
• Ensure a yacht is suitably prepared for longer and nighttime passages
• Advanced pilotage techniques
• Skipper a yacht in more challenging conditions such as strong winds and fog
• Further experience of use the chartplotter and GPS
• Boat handling under sail and power in confined spaces
• Recovery of an MOB under sail and power

Further details can be found on the RYA website.



Successful Coastal Skippers should be able to skipper a yacht on longer passages, day or night, and be able to deal with unforeseen and emergency situations should they arise. Before taking the next qualification, RYA/MCA Yachtmaster, you should embed the skills that your learned on the course and fully develop your abilities as a skipper.



Prices for RYA training courses may be found on the prices page. Please contact us if the sailing experience you have in mind is not listed and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.


If you are considering the RYA Coastal Skipper Practical (Non-tidal) course and want to discuss whether it is appropriate to your experience and knowledge please don’t hesitate to contact us.