The east coast of Fuerteventura is just 60NM from the coast of Africa and there are various other ports further up the coast including Agadir and Essaouira.


Agadir is one of the more visited cities in Morocco both by Moroccans and also by tourists. The more striking aspect of Agadir at sea is its approach, on the left side to the harbour are amazing hills which clearly show any sailor s/he is in Africa; the colour, the landscape, the sea, unique to Africa. The Marina is in the coastal heart of the city, just after the commercial port and around the marina are some very good restaurants. However for a truly unique Moroccan experience one has to walk a little further into the city and discover its real charms.
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Essaouira is a typical Moroccan fishing town, characterised with the many colourful wooden fishing boats. Prior to approaching Essaouira you would know you have arrived as you are welcomed by the sea gulls! They are so used to having anything floating containing fish that they automatically approach sailing yachts. Entrance to the port is shallow and narrow so good pilotage is the rule of the game together with entering in calmer seas. The harbour itself is very well protected, and once in you are truly in for a Moroccan treat, many a times also having a person assigned to your boat to see to all your needs … lets say a personal guide.


A very traditional Moroccan town and not at all geared towards tourism. Tarfaya is an experience just to see the way of life that really hasn’t changed much – think donkeys pulling carts, battered Land Rovers everywhere and cafe bars selling the local mint tea. The harbour is basic and quite a shimmy up a ladder but you receive a friendly welcome even if it is from the Port Captain, Port Police, Immigration, Customs and the sniffer dog who, fortunately for him, is not required to venture down the ladder and onto the boat!