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Your disabled sailboat has been taken under tow. When a fog bank rolls in, what sound signals should you make?   Rule 35 -- Sound Signals in Restricted Visibility
A vessel towed or if more than one vessel is towed the last vessel of the tow, if manned, shall at intervals of not more than 2 minutes sound four blasts in succession, namely one prolonged followed by three short blasts. When practicable, this signal shall be made immediately after the signal made by the towing vessel.
Whats is Prop walk?     The sidewards movement effect of the propeller most prominent when in astern. Similar to a paddle wheel. If viewed from behind, a prop that turns anti-clockwise, when using astern will put the stern to port.

Saying   Meaning
All at sea  

This is an extension of the nautical phrase 'at sea'. It dates from the days of sail when accurate navigational aids weren't available. Any ship that was out of sight of land was in an uncertain position and in danger of becoming lost.

Full to the Gunwalls   The vessel is laden to its maximum
Son of a gun   Refers to a person who was conceived between the guns on a ship. this usually happened when ladies of the night were invited onto the ship for the crew and there was not enough space below for any privacy, so the space between the guns were used.


At sea, I learned how little a person needs, not how much.