We are all iPad devotees at Salana Sailing (Anna sleeps with hers!) so we have built a list of the sailing apps that we use regularly. Let us know if you have any other sailing related apps that we can try out and add to this list.


app_windguru Weather
Although designed primarily for windsurfing this app is great for sailors. It shows wind direction, swell, cloud coverage and precipitation in an easy format. Once downloaded the data is viewable offline. You can save your favourite sailing areas to a favourites list. Free.
app_eltiempo El Tiempo
Although primarily a Spanish weather app this features weather forecasts across the Mediterranean. The forecasts include wind, precipitation, cloud cover, temperature as well as pressure charts.Free.
app_pocket_grib Pocket Grib
This app allows you to download 5 day GRIB forecasts for a geographic area of your choice. You can download high or low resolution versions and both are available offline. About €4.
app_passage_weather Passage Weather
Not an app in the true sense of the word but worthy of inclusion in this list because not only are the forecasts very accurate but the data can be downloaded as a series of images in a zip file and so can be used offline. Free.
app_meteo_consult Meteo Consult Marine
An app from the French Meteo group. This app provides a heck of a lot of data including wind, rain, swell and synoptic charts complete with weather fronts. This is all very cleanly presented and nicely animated. Less than €1.


app_navionics Navionics – Europe
Navionics provides the charts used on Raymarine chart plotters and a few years ago made their charts available as apps. The “Europe” version coverage includes Malta and the Mediterranean. Approximately €60.
app_navionics Navionics – Asia & Africa
Navionics provides the charts used on Raymarine chart plotters and a few years ago made their charts available as apps. The “Asia & Africa” app covers the Canary Islands, Madeira, the Azores and the Cape Verde islands. Approximately €60.
app_knot_guide Knot Guide
This very visual app lists over 100 knots and covers the eight taught during the RYA Competent Crew course and many more. The knots are grouped by usage and each knot features a little explanation about its application and step-by-step photos. Less than €2.
app_ocean_linguist Ocean Linguist
This useful app translates over 850 nautical terms into English, French, Turkish, Polish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. Its not cheap but could be useful if you plan to sail around different countries. About €8.
app_stellarium Stellarium
This is the app version of some Windows software of the same name. You can scour the heavens and look at stars, planets and constellations. The constellation art brings the night sky to life. Less than €2.