Maltese Islands

The Maltese Islands Archipelago is composed of a number of Islands, three of which are inhabited, well if you consider one family on an island as inhabited! Malta, the largest, may be considered as being to some extent the ‘mainland’, Gozo – number two in terms of size, and tiny Comino with the one family and a hotel. There are other islands – Cominotto, Filfla, St. Paul’s Islands and Manoel Island – which are even smaller and uninhabited. The ones we will visit most regularly are the three main ones, Cominotto and St Paul’s Islands. Filfla itself is a natural reserves and no boats are allowed to sail in a radius on 1NM around Filfla.


Maltese Islands

Being North East facing, Mellieha Bay anchorage offers a spectacular front seat for sunrise. So if you are an early bird, or if you just wish to chill out in the beauty of nature be sure to be on deck for sunrise, maybe followed by an early morning swim. The sea temperature is still around a nice warm 22 degrees in the morning, nothing feels more refreshing than enjoying a tea watching this view followed by a dip in the blue warm Mediterranean sea. But the sunrise is not the only time to chill looking at a view. Mellieha bay, which is one of the largest bays in the Maltese islands, is on the one side embraced by cliffs showing off the Maltese vegetation and on the other side the village going up from the coast to the hill top proudly displaying the traditional Maltese houses and the village church.


Right in the South of the island, some two hours away from Grand Harbour is St Peter’s Pool, secluded and protected from the winds by its high rock formation boasting off the lovely yellow Maltese limestone. This bay is protected from most winds providing a lovely chill out area to swim and relax. In the depth of around 6 meters of crystal clear Mediterranean water. St Peter’s Pool is very difficult to reach by land and is usually a place some of the locals like to go with their yacht or dinghies.

Just next to St Paul’s islands, north of Malta, lies a quaint anchorage ideal for a rest or lunch on a sailing day or a for night sleep in calm waters. This bay, unreachable from land, is well protected from the winds but is always with a gentle breeze, perfect for the summer days in Malta. St Paul’s Bay is always ideal for swimming, with a rocky sea bed at some 10 meters depth.


Maltese Islands – Gozo

Fungus Rock is situated next to the big Azure Window north of the island and is a big attraction to Gozo. Behind Fungus Rock one finds a heavenly location for boaters, a horseshoe shaped enclosure with a high rock formation and a sea depth of 10 meters. The sea bed is rocky providing lovely marine life. Winds do not effect this enclosure and therefore anchoring is always possible once you reach Fungus Rock. Horse Shoe Bay is an experience of  the Maltese Islands and a sea beauty. Tranquillity, peace, and privacy are the name of the game. We strongly recommend you put on the mask and snorkel and have a look at the sea bed and also go into the lovely open caves that surround the bay.


There is little doubt that for anyone visiting this gem of these Maltese Islands, Gozo, by land or sea, your experience of the Azure Window and swimming in the surrounding sea is a real treat and very memorable part of your Maltese holiday.

Maltese Islands – Comino

Due to its popularity we often visit Blue Lagoon in the later hours of the day when we know most of the crowd has left. The lagoon, situated in Comino, lends its name from the amazing colour of the seabed sand which gives this impressive amazing jade green colour. A swim in this sea is essential as is waiting for the ice cream man to come to the yacht on his little power boat selling ice cream … a must have after a warm day in the sun.



Duration & Itinerary

A seven day Maltese Islands cruise begins in the historic setting of Grand Harbour when you join the yacht on Sunday night at around 1800. You will be met at the marina by Anna and/or Gareth after which we will take you to your yacht before having a drink and chatting about the week ahead. After a safety brief on Monday morning you will set sail from Grand harbour to your first point of call depending on the route you have chosen. We return to Grand harbour on the following Sunday, aiming to arrive early afternoon.


Exclusive Use or Per Cabin

If you would like the luxury of having the yacht to yourselves so you can choose your route and sail as much or as little as you want then an Exclusive charter is the way to go. Both our yachts sleep up to six guests across three cabins with the saloon reserved for the skipper. If your friends or family aren’t into sailing then don’t miss out. Simply book a Cabin for one or two people to share and enjoy the company of your skipper and fellow crew mates on one of our scheduled cruises.



The yacht is provisioned to an incredibly high standard meaning that a selection of ingredients for breakfasts, lunches and evening meals taken aboard is provided. A welcome pack of wine and beer is also included. Diesel, marina fees (once away from Grand Harbour) and end-of-the-week cleaning are also included. View the type of meals and snacks that we are talking about.


Prior Experience

No prior sailing experience or knowledge is required for cruising around the Maltese Islands as the journeys are short and coastal.



Prices for the different options for sailing around the Maltese Islands may be found on the prices page along with details of what is and isn’t included in our prices.