provisioning_ingredients Salana Sailing takes pride in its provisioning of the boats as the culinary experience is important to ensure a pleasant stay with us but also providing the right nutritional needs according to tastes.


We cater for the different tastes for breakfast, from croissants for the sweet tooth, to fresh fruit and cereal for the more health conscious, yoghurt for the ones who do not want much in the morning and bacon, eggs, beans and sausages for the ones who long for an English breakfast. No need to worry, you will be well stocked with coffee, tea and juices. We know how much good coffee is important, especially in the morning, so our boats are equipped with Nespresso machines to ensure the right taste to the caffeine. Tea lovers, we do not discriminate, you have a selection of Earl Grey, English breakfast, PG tea and an array of herbal teas.


You will lunch on what is more typical for the Maltese. So forget the ham and cheese and be ready for the pasta, the typical mezzes, the hobz biz-zejt etc. Since generally it is hot during the day we seek to prepare fresh meals which will are suitable for the climate and for the palates of all. For all this be sure you will always find on the boat: fresh seasonal vegetables, best quality pasta, fresh local bread, fresh seasonal fruit, lots of fresh herbs!


The heat gives us respite in the evening so we would either go onshore for a typical Maltese meal or simply when at anchor cook one of our typical meals. Provisioning will depend on you, your tastes and your preferences.


Munchies are inevitable when at sea, you just get an appetite. So snacks are always at hand, for the more health conscious we would have fresh fruit and nuts; for the ones who like it, crisps and biscuits are always close by.

It’s not just about the sailing, but as the saying goes: when in Rome do as the Romans. And yes, when in Malta do like the Maltese. Food is a very important part of the life of the Mediterranean people, no less of the Maltese. Meals are rituals, excuses to socialize, experiences of pleasure by savouring delicacies. This is what we at Salana Sailing, also would like to share with you. Hence we have put also our efforts in bringing to you this culinary Maltese and Mediterranean experience.

Gareth and Anna Maria give great attention to the food and drink you will have on board. Not only for the nutritional value to the sport of sailing but also for the experience of what they call one of the pleasures of life … eating!


So what can we prepare on board? Menus will vary according to the products of the season, but here are some of the traditional dishes you may experience on our boats …

Traditional Rabbit Maltese style or Gareth style. Rabbit is one of the traditional dishes of Malta as during the mid 20th century it was the meat most easily found on the island and most accessible to the low earners (which at the time was most Maltese). The Maltese slow cook rabbit in the oven soaked in red wine, garlic and their secret spices. Gareth sometimes replaces the wine to beer (he says Guinness is the better beer for this) so as to give the rabbit a greater tang once savoured. Rabbit is also one of the more healthy meats to eat.

Ross fil-forn (literal translation being Rice in the Oven) is another traditional Maltese dish. Rice is slowly oven cooked in a succulent tomato, cheese and meat mix. A filling dish rich in local herbs and spices with a health balance and a great source of energy for the sailor.

If you are vegetarian, no worries, we have a number of vegetarian dishes including the traditional Kaponata. This dish is a mix of the seasonal vegetables and so delicious particularly in the hotter days. Made up of aubergine, celery, tomatoes, coriander and nuts, the Kaponata is great served both warm and cold. The Sicilian’s say that the Maltese have taken the recipe off them, the Maltese say their dish is markedly different. We don’t enter into these discussions….but simply get to you a dish rich in Mediterranean flavour.

provisioning_bread If you are a fish lover, you will get to taste some of the local catch that in Malta is cooked in the simplest manner but rich taste. Local fish is generally grilled with either olive oil (a must in the Maltese kitchen) or white wine (another must have), generally added on with some local fresh herbs, capers, sun dried tomatoes and that’s it … a delicious healthy dish.

Ask any Maltese what they would eat by the seas and be sure that 9 out of 10 would say Hobz biz-zejt (literal translation being bread with oil). The Maltese bread is quite typical, with extra virgin olive oil, spread fresh tomatoes, capers, olives and oregano, and you will have what the Maltese consider food for the gods. Rich in local produce this Hobz biz-Zejt is sufficient to curb any appetite and have a great taste of what is just right when at sea.

There will be no lack of pasta, being a Mediterranean country; pasta is part and parcel to the Maltese diet. If it is simply a pasta with olive oil, chillies, garlic and pecorino; a carbonara; pasta with sea urchins (a must taste) or any other typical pasta; you are in for a treat. But we cannot mess around with the Maltese and their pasta….it must be cooked to perfection so water, time and the right dose of salt is key!