Zingala update

Paint Job and Anti-fouling

So the final touches to the hull have just about been finished. The gold stripe on the side and the anti-foul has been applied. The mast has also been cleaned, shined, polished and waxed (2 days of hard work in the cold). She is looking amazing.

Zingala Refit

Come and experience what a real long distance racing cruiser can do. We have added a beautiful Swan 56 called Zingala to the fleet so you can experience much longer ocean passages in complete comfort and safety.
Zingala has had a total refit including a full blue hull paint job, All new rod rigging, new spay hoods, new 24v batteries, new water maker, new internal heating system, anti-fouled, new anchor and chain, new entertainment system, new life raft, new life jackets, new safety equipment, fully coded to 0 (commercially unlimited), it also incorporate's all the latest B&G electronic equipment. Including :-

Zeus³ chart plotters 12 inch and 9 inch

  • Excellent screen visibility with ultra-wide viewing angles
  • High performance for responsive operation and quick chart redraw
  • Dedicated sailing features such as SailSteer, Laylines and RacePanel
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for easy access to charts, weather, updates, support, and screen mirroring
  • Built-in ForwardScan™ sonar support for safer passage through shallow waters
  • Integrates seamlessly with other B&G displays and accessories in a boat-wide system

H5000 Graphic Displays

B&G’s H5000 Graphic Display is a 5-inch, sunlight-viewable colour screen with a highly intuitive user interface. View your sailing data in sharp digital detail or graphical form with impressive 4Hz update rate.

Use the Graphic Display as the main visual information hub of your H5000 system or as an alternative to a Race Display whether on deck, from a distance or in short-range applications at nav stations, in cabins and on pedestal mounts. Uniquely designed for sailing, this marine monitor is packed with dedicated features such as time plot, wind plot smart line, SailSteer and MOB laylines.

4G Radar

Award-winning Broadband 4G Radar radar will keep constant watch over you and your crew. If you’re taking on severe conditions, racing offshore through fog, iceberg fields or at night, you’ll be glad that Broadband 4G Radar has a 36nm working range and can even see up to the bow of your boat.

The NAC-3 Autopilot Computer is the brains behind your B&G autopilot system.

NAC-3 contains B&G’s Reflex control algorithms, developed to helm a yacht across a broad range of weather conditions and sea-states, alongside the electronics needed to operate a hydraulic or mechanical drive unit, while also interfacing with other components including heading sensors and rudder feedback units.


We will be visiting the Caribbean islands and then Panama in 2020. So if your looking for milage, Ocean sightings or just the tranquility of the sea this is the yacht for you.