Quick Visit To See Zingala

Quick Visit To See Zingala

We drove the 300 km to take some of the safety equipment and to put on Zingala's new Fender Skirt. One of Anna Maria's many talents is sewing and Anna made Zingala's new 7 meter Fender Skirt. It looks great and will protect the new paint job from getting marked from the fenders..

As you can see from the photo's that Zingala is back in the water and over the next day or so she will have her new rod rigging fitted and tuned. The two new Spray hoods have been fitted and enhance the looks of Zingala.

Zingala Safety Equipment & Training

Zingala Safety Equipment Starts Arriving

After a full training session in Southampton with MSOS we are now able to open our medical kit and stick needles in people, legally. We then headed home after picking up lots of the safety equipment we need for our new coding.  Here is a list of just some of it.

1 - Full Cat B Medical Kit.

1 - EPIRB Self Activating.

1 - Sat Phone

2 - Life Rings with Lights & Drogues + 1 with floating Line.

1 - Dan Buoy with Light, Flag and Holder.

1 - HRU (Hydrostatic Release).

6 - TPA  (Thermal Protection Suites).

50 % Hatch Blanks for opening Hatches.

4 - Full sets of Offshore Musto BR2 Wet Weather Gear

2 - Full Sets of Musto MPX Wet Weather Gear

2 Pairs Of Dubarry Sailing Boots

An Assortment of Gloves, Soaks and Thermal wear


New member to the team


Maddie has been sailing since 2009, initially gatecrashing her father's retirement hobby, Maddie fell in love with the sailing life and resigned her City job to be a cruising instructor. Cat lady, bookworm, minor credit derivatives geek, and "the Gareth way" of sailing aficionado.

Salana sets off from Cabo Verde

Salana sets off from Cabo Verde

The first part of the journey is over, from Grand Canaria to Cabo Verde with wind speeds from 1 day of 40 knots and several days of 5 knots. A well earned rest for a few days and now Salana is off again this time over 2000 miles to St Lucia. Good luck to everyone.

Zingala’s new Spray hoods

New Sprayhoods

The new spay hoods have arrived and look pretty good. I particularly like the gold leather trim. We are really going to need the spray hoods for the journey down to Lanzarote next month.