Volcanos Tour

Amongst the Volcanoes in Europe, Etna is amongst one of the best known but there are some other amazing and enchanting volcanoes around the Sicily area worth the visit. We depart for a two week cruise during which time we will to discover the amazing Volcanoes of the very south of Italy together with visiting some of the more amazing islands such as the Aeolian Islands and Sicily.

We will then sail up to Riposto (40NM), which is the closest port to the volcano, Etna. Riposto is a very large Marina in a quaint fishing village which is very typical of Sicily. From here we will organise a trip to the volcano. Etna excursions can take you either to the lower craters or spending more time and going to one of the higher craters where a guide will walk visitors through the location. Etna is 3350 meters high, so do not get cheated by the hot temperature on the coast as on the top of Etna it is always around 15 to 20 degrees colder, so be sure to take your fleece.


After our day on Etna we would make our way to Messina (32NM) where we can spend the night before passing through the famous Messina Straits, the only area which has a tidal effect in the Mediterranean and an amazing experience for any sailor since the currents can get to the strength of 7 knots within a strait which is 1.5 NM wide in its narrowest part between Sicily and Italy.

Once we pass through the straits our next stop would be the island of Vulcano (40NM), the most southern of the Aeolian islands. We will spend the night and subsequent day in Vulcano where we can visit the volcano and also the more famous mud baths.

Our next stop shall be Stromboli (27NM), the most northern of the Aeolian Islands, here we shall anchor for the night and admire the spectacular volcano at night where generally one can see the lava seep down the mountain. A unique experience in our view as the feeling of tranquility as the sea merges with the marvel of Mother Nature. Panarea is another possible stop (13NM) and is the more chic of the Aeolian islands and many famous Italians visit this little island in summer.

Starting our way back to Malta we might stop in Punto Rosa on the north of Sicily (30NM), a quaint little port. Through the Messina Straits we will make our way to Taormina where we might anchor under the magnificent old city, which is worth a visit (45NM).

Following Taormina we might make another stop in Syracuse (47NM) as it is often a place that people want to return to for its charm. After a good meal, and a good rest, we shall make our way to Malta for our last leg of our trip (77NM).


Duration & Itinerary

A seven day Maltese Islands cruise begins in the historic setting of Grand Harbour when you join the yacht on Sunday night at around 1800. You will be met at the marina by Anna and/or Gareth after which we will take you to your yacht before having a drink and chatting about the week ahead. After a safety brief on Monday morning you will set sail from Grand harbour to your first point of call depending on the route you have chosen. We return to Grand harbour on the following Sunday, aiming to arrive early afternoon.


Exclusive Use or Per Cabin

If you would like the luxury of having the yacht to yourselves so you can choose your route and sail as much or as little as you want then an Exclusive charter is the way to go. Both our yachts sleep up to six guests across three cabins with the saloon reserved for the skipper. If your friends or family aren’t into sailing then don’t miss out. Simply book a Cabin for one or two people to share and enjoy the company of your skipper and fellow crew mates on one of our scheduled cruises.



The yacht is provisioned to an incredibly high standard meaning that a selection of ingredients for breakfasts, lunches and evening meals taken aboard is provided. A welcome pack of wine and beer is also included. Diesel, marina fees (once away from Grand Harbour) and end-of-the-week cleaning are also included. View the type of meals and snacks that we are talking about.


Prior Experience

No prior sailing experience or knowledge is required for cruising around the Maltese Islands as the journeys are short and coastal.



Prices for the different options for sailing around the Maltese Islands may be found on the prices page along with details of what is and isn’t included in our prices.