Sailing in Malta


Our main cruising ground covers the Maltese islands and several nearby Italian islands. Our day cruises usually take us for a sail outside of Grand Harbour and then into one of the many anchorages. Weekend and full week cruises take us to all three of the Maltese Islands whilst our roaming cruises go as far north as Sicily and westwards to Lampedusa, Linosa and Pantelleria.

Malta is situated right in the middle of the Mediterranean and is in close proximity to both the Sicilian Coast to the north and the Tunisian coast to the west. Due to being an Island and its location, wind is part of every day life in Malta. The prevailing winds are north-westerlies, which provide pleasant cruising to a number of locations both in Malta but also to the other Islands where we do our cruising. So be it cruising around Malta and experiencing Maltese life at sea, or venturing to more long distance sailing, we are sure you will love sailing around this jewel in the Med.