Italian Islands


Malta is situated in the centre of the Mediterranean and is therefore a perfect starting point for cruising to some beautiful Italian Islands including the ever popular Sicily. Enjoy a week’s cruise from Malta to the South East Coast of Sicily, the South West Coast of Sicily or alternatively spend a week sailing to Pantelleria or Lampedusa and Linosa. Each seven-day cruise begins and ends in Grand Harbour, Malta, and incorporates nights at anchor and in marinas. There is plenty of time for sailing and relaxation and you can involve yourself as much or as little as you wish in sailing the yacht.

South East coast of Sicily

The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily is situated 55NM north of the Maltese islands and in easy reach from Malta being just an eight hour sail to the nearest point of Porto Palo. The east coast of Sicily is most popular for its beautiful beaches and great food.


Syracuse is one of our favourite Sicilian destinations. Just 20NM up the east coast of Sicily from the most southern tip, this town offers the best of Sicilian specialties such as ice-cream and pizza as well as more elaborate meals. There is always some activity going on, be it a regatta, the town feast or simply the local market which is a must as we get to savour the local specialities and meet the colourful, hospitable Sicilians.

Taormina is the San Tropez of Italy. Whoever is someone, or wants to give the impression of being someone, is in Taormina. We like it because it is a medieval town situated on the top of a hill with the most magnificent view of the coast and also of mainland Italy (Reggio) just opposite.

The Roman and Greek amphitheatres are amongst the most well preserved in Sicily and a stroll in the little town streets gives you the full experience of the typical Italian beauty and flare for design. An aperitif in one of the street cafes is a must, our suggestion would the be ‘Aperol Spritz’!

Another destination is the marina at Riposto, a perfect stopping point from which to take a trip up to the top of Etna … a volcanic experience worth the visit and the memory!

Further up the coast is the Strait of Messina, which separates the island of Sicily from mainland Italy. At only 1.5NM wide at its narrowest point the tidal flow, the only place where you will experience significant tide in the Mediterranean, runs at up to 4kn at springs.

South West coast of Sicily


The South coast is less popular then the East Cost but is still well worth visiting with destinations such as Ragusa, Palma, Sciacca up to Capo Granitola. There are many bays in which to anchor and also a number of marinas along the coast.

Ragusa is a very large marina just outside of the humble yet quaint Ragusa village. The promenade is bustling with the Sicilians strolling by and full of cafes and restaurants. Despite its modesty you can find Michelin rated restaurants. However you are guaranteed that, irrespective of the labels whichever restaurant you walk into, you will savour some of the most delicious Sicilian dishes the island is so famous for.

Licata is a great port and the first thing that strikes you is a lighthouse in the village. The port in fact was built after the lighthouse had been erected decades before. We love this town as it is simple, unpresumptuous but gives the portrait of what Sicily really is, a lovely island with hospitable people. We like to look out for the narrow streets with the little restaurants where the locals have their meals, coffees and aperitifs.

Scoglitti is a little fishing village where you will always find the fresh catch of the day. Most typical is finding the fish stalls in the road and the skillful fishmongers cutting the fish to the needs of the client. Our favourites are buying tuna and swordfish caught the night before and having this on the boat simply cured in olive oil and lemon … words cannot describe the sumptuous meal this makes.

Once on the south coast we might visit Agrigento and the valley of the gods, Roman remains that are unspoilt and spread around a whole valley.


The mystical island of Pantelleria is is 120NM north west of Malta and is famous for its lovely landscapes, great marine life and delicious wine Passito di Pantelleria. The first port might be the picturesque Scauri, located in the Southern part of Pantelleria. Here you could have some time to stretch your legs, have a swim in the warm Mediterranean sea, visit the quaint little town and savour a delicious Italian lunch.

After a breakfast including fresh bread from the traditional little bakery, you might sail to the main town of Pantelleria, named after the island. On the way there is the option to anchor in one of a few small secluded bays. The marina of Pantelleria is a good place to spend a night or two so you can enjoy the town and surrounding landscape.

A must buy from Pantelleria is the very famous sweet desert wine of Pantelleria. The local makers might invite you in their home to taste the wine and buy this manna from heaven. Other must buys from Pantelleria include their delicious capers and dried oregano.

Lampedusa & Linosa

Lampedusa is situated 90NM south west of Malta, a journey that provides several hours without land in sight. Known for its natural reserves the Lampedusa coast is full of marine life so snorkeling or diving are a must on this coast. Lampedusa gives us a flavour of what is Italian but also what is Tunisian and is a blend of the proximity between the two continents of Europe and Africa. Walking the streets Lampedusa town this is amply evident in the colourful architecture, the food in the restaurants and the faces of the locals. A unique European experience of what can be also so African.

We would berth in the port of Lampedusa, which is also the main town and where we might spend the day discovering the old town and savouring the delicacies offered by the island while enjoying true island hospitality. Keen swimmers can enjoy a number of beautiful beaches which provide the ideal setting for a rest in the sun after the sailing. You can then sail to some of the natural marine parks, looking out for marine life for which Lampedusa is famous.

Linosa, a small island some 25 NM away north east of Lampedusa , offers yet again some of the most beautiful sites in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Anchor at night in Linosa and then set off to Malta for a return journey of approximately 75NM.

Duration & Itinerary

A seven day Maltese Islands cruise begins in the historic setting of Grand Harbour when you join the yacht on Sunday night at around 1800. You will be met at the marina by Anna and/or Gareth after which we will take you to your yacht before having a drink and chatting about the week ahead. After a safety brief on Monday morning you will set sail from Grand harbour to your first point of call depending on the route you have chosen. We return to Grand harbour on the following Sunday, aiming to arrive early afternoon.


Exclusive Use or Per Cabin

If you would like the luxury of having the yacht to yourselves so you can choose your route and sail as much or as little as you want then an Exclusive charter is the way to go. Both our yachts sleep up to six guests across three cabins with the saloon reserved for the skipper. If your friends or family aren’t into sailing then don’t miss out. Simply book a Cabin for one or two people to share and enjoy the company of your skipper and fellow crew mates on one of our scheduled cruises.



The yacht is provisioned to an incredibly high standard meaning that a selection of ingredients for breakfasts, lunches and evening meals taken aboard is provided. A welcome pack of wine and beer is also included. Diesel, marina fees (once away from Grand Harbour) and end-of-the-week cleaning are also included. View the type of meals and snacks that we are talking about.


Prior Experience

No prior sailing experience or knowledge is required for cruising around the Maltese Islands as the journeys are short and coastal.



Prices for the different options for sailing around the Maltese Islands may be found on the prices page along with details of what is and isn’t included in our prices.