Marina’s In Tenerife – Los Gigantes

Marina Los Gigantes

Conditions : There is little or no wind here most of the time because of the prevailing NE winds which are blocked by the enormous cliffs overlooking the marina.

The only real danger for this marina is when there is a big NW swell combined with a N or NW wind. This creates a large breaking wave at the end of the wall near the entrance which is capable of turning boats over.


Marina Berth's : These should be booked in advance especially for yacht's over 12 metres as they only have a few spaces available to take this size of vessel.


Facilities: Showers and toilets are available. The showers/toilets are located in the wall next to pontoon 1 and will need a key. There are also toilets available half way down the marina in between the bars/restuarants. These are open between 09:00 and 18:00 each day.

Travel Lift - This is only capable of lifting small vessel's under 10 metres.

Fuel - The fuel station is near the entrance/office but should be approached with care as it is very shallow next to it. Usually only accessible to sailing yacht's around high water. Safer to get fuel cans.

Cafe/Bar - 


Contact Details:

Marina Office - Open Mon to Sat 09:00 to 19:00.
VHF - Channel 9 for the marina office or staff.
Telephone Number - (+34) 822.19.99.96 or (+34) 922.86.80.07
Email - [email protected] 
Website - 
Taxi number - +34 922 86 16 27 

Restuarants Recommended:


Marina’s In Tenerife – San Miguel

Marina San Miguel

Conditions :

The weather on this coastline is nearly always sunny and windy. There is usually 20/25 knots of wind through the marina between 10:00 and 19:00. The main reason for this seems to be the onshore breeze as the land warms up. This part of the coastline is in one of the WAZ zones (Wind Acceleration Zones) which means it gets a lot of wind most of the time.

Marina Berth's :

There always seems to be a space found for travelling Yachts even when there doesn't look like there is space to be had.
They have been adding pontoons to this marina over the past 7 years and it always looks nearly full. It's also one of the cheapest marina's on Tenerife to berth in.

Be aware of the yellow submarine which is tied up on part of the fuel berth. The support boat keeps very close to it while it is submerged and is never far from the entrance to the marina.



Travel Lift - Open 24/7 from 07:00 to 19:00
This is one of the cheapest travel lifts in the Canaries.

Fuel - Open 24/7 from 07:00 to 22:00
Credit Cards Accepted

Cafe/Bar - Open 24/7 from 08:00 to 20:00
This is the Tower bar located at the end of the breakwater in the blue tower. It has Free Wifi

Nina's Bar - Open Sometimes from 10:00 to 19:00
This is the bar located at the entrance to the marina. this is run by a very sweet old couple. Great place to while away the hours

Showers & toilets - Open 24/7 Located in the shower block at the entrance to the marina and in the tower at the end of the breakwater.

Laundry machines - Open 24/7 Located in the shower block at the entrance to the marina.
Laundry Service Wash - Open Mon to Fri 09:00 - 18:00 Sat 09:00 to 13:00 Located next to Pebble Beach Supermarket.


Contact Details:

VHF - Channel 9 for the marina office or staff.
Telephone Number - +34 922 78 54 64
Email - [email protected]
Taxi number - 0034 922 747 511


Restuarants Recommended:

Sakura Tieppanyaki - Opposite the marina across the beach
Rendezvous - Above the bowling green
El Cordero - A 10 mins Taxi ride away
Perla del Mar - 25 mins walk to Los Abrigos

A Whole Month Of Charters

Starting on the 2nd March Salana will be out on Charter for the whole month of March and Felicity will be booked from the 10th March onwards for 3 weeks. Winter sailing in the Canaries, there is nowhere else in Europe  to get warm winter sunshine and sailing.

Happy Days.

A New engine For Felicity

We keep our Yachts in tip top condition and on the 1st of March we are having a new Volvo Penta engine fitted to Felicity.

Tenerife to Malta Milage Trip

This will be the planned journey back to Malta, weather permitting.

It will start at the beginning of May and will take approx 3 to 4 weeks. Anyone wishing to join the adventure please contact us via email “[email protected]”.

So whether you want mileage, longer passages or just an adventure this trip is for you.

We plan to depart from Tenerife and go to Mogan (Gran Canaria), GTJ (Fuerteventura), Aracife (Lanzarote), Essaouira (Morroco), Rabat (Morocco), Gibraltar, Cartegena (Spain), Barcelona (Spain), Toulon (France), Calvi (Corsica), Bonifacio (Corsica), Porto Corvo (Sardinia), Olbia (Sardinia), Villasimius (Sardinia), Pantelleria (Italy), Grand Harbour (Malta).

Canaries Winter Sailing

Have you considered Canaries winter sailing? Sailing in the UK is great fun however we are more and more dependent on the weather. Regular sailors think nothing of taking the boat out in a decent breeze to enjoy the thrills down wind sailing. However, it looses some of it’s sheen in early October as the temperature begins to drop.

It cannot be denied that if you could do the same thing with bright sunshine on your back, warm feet and still be in good company then the latter option is probably favourite.

Worldwide locations for this are limited but if you want some sailing in the sun in the winter months then Canaries winter sailing is an unbeatable option in the northern hemisphere.

Canaries winter sailing - Los ChristianosWhere are the Canaries?

The Canaries are a small group of islands just off the western coast of Africa. What makes them difficult to beat is there is such a variety of different types of sailing and activity. These range from the fast steady breezes in and around Fuerteventura to the jumping night life of the ports on Tenerife. Find out about the strange whistling language on the island of Gomera or take a trip to the top of Mount Teide a dormant volcano.

Canaries winter sailing can be combined with a diving experience. There is no need to find out if the dive school has a good reputation. Salana sailing has a PADI qualified divemaster already on board.

Ask about options through the email or contact form. Finally, one of the questions many people consider after booking is safety. Sailing the Canaries is one of the safest regions to sail in with numerous ports providing full medical facilities and Safety rescue vessels. We consider safety a priority to ensure you get peace of mind whether you are sailing, diving or just relaxing. It is what you would expect with an RYA approved training facility.