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Have you considered Canaries winter sailing? Sailing in the UK is great fun however we are more and more dependent on the weather. Regular sailors think nothing of taking the boat out in a decent breeze to enjoy the thrills down wind sailing. However, it looses some of it’s sheen in early October as the temperature begins to drop.

It cannot be denied that if you could do the same thing with bright sunshine on your back, warm feet and still be in good company then the latter option is probably favourite.

Worldwide locations for this are limited but if you want some sailing in the sun in the winter months then Canaries winter sailing is an unbeatable option in the northern hemisphere.

Canaries winter sailing - Los ChristianosWhere are the Canaries?

The Canaries are a small group of islands just off the western coast of Africa. What makes them difficult to beat is there is such a variety of different types of sailing and activity. These range from the fast steady breezes in and around Fuerteventura to the jumping night life of the ports on Tenerife. Find out about the strange whistling language on the island of Gomera or take a trip to the top of Mount Teide a dormant volcano.

Canaries winter sailing can be combined with a diving experience. There is no need to find out if the dive school has a good reputation. Salana sailing has a PADI qualified divemaster already on board.

Ask about options through the email or contact form. Finally, one of the questions many people consider after booking is safety. Sailing the Canaries is one of the safest regions to sail in with numerous ports providing full medical facilities and Safety rescue vessels. We consider safety a priority to ensure you get peace of mind whether you are sailing, diving or just relaxing. It is what you would expect with an RYA approved training facility.

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