About Malta

about_malta Malta is sometimes considered as a pixel in the middle of the Mediterranean. However this archipelago of islands, small as it may be is bustling with activities and saturated with historical monuments from 5000BC to the more modern era. Thoroughly a jewel in the Med. Malta and Gozo, summer sailing courses and charters.

We have shared with you our enthusiasm about Malta as a sailing and diving location. But Malta has also much more to offer, more than just the sea and the sun. Malta is rich in history having nine sites which are considered world heritage sites by UNESCO and has been home to a race of people in the period between 5000BC and 3500BC that was highly ingenious but that vanished without any known reason.

Visiting some of the villages one will truly experience the Malta way of living, where quality of life is not about what one does but really about living. Malta summer sailing courses.